12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi

Whether you realize it or not, you are aspiring to become a yogi.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit and literally means union (with the Supreme).

We are all aspiring for union with the Divine.

While we already are one with Source right now, always have been and always will be, as a human family we do not yet consciously realize our Divinity and our unity with Divine Source.

Collectively speaking, separation still feels more real to us than oneness, however, we are rapidly awakening to this beautiful reality of our eternal oneness as the New Age unfolds before our very eyes.

With the New rapidly unfolding, did you actually ever pause to ask yourself what’s new about the so-called New Age?

One thing that’s new about the New Age is our collective awakening to the insight that we can initiate our own growth and awakening through self-initiated effort. Said another way: We can take our life and our Spiritual growth into our own hands, we can purposefully create and design the life we have been given, and we can consciously participate in our evolution simply by launching the initiatives that will propel us forward on our Spiritual journey.

The magic word is initiative.

What is our evolutionary goal?

For millions of years, the forces of evolution have literally forced us to grow by pushing us to open our hearts and expand our consciousness without us having had the faintest idea, in our brain awareness, of where we are going or what is pushing us on.

However, with the dawning of the New Age it starts to dawn upon us that we can consciously co-operate with the forces of evolution – first, by understanding where the journey of evolution is taking us, and then secondly, by originating the initiatives that help us reach our evolutionary goal.

So what is our evolutionary goal?

Our current evolutionary goal is to evolve our consciousness from a place of being self-aware to a place called being Soul-aware. That’s the next major step ahead of our human family: to become Soul-conscious in our brain awareness.

The magic word is initiative

History, as we know it, is in truth but the story of the evolution of consciousness.

The forces of evolution have brought us to this poignant moment in history where we stand on the verge of becoming conscious of self as eternal Souls. And now for us to take this giant step – and I say giant step because we have been working towards this moment in history for aeons, and waking up to the reality that we are not mortal bodies but eternal Souls is indeed a pioneering feat – so, for us to take this giant step of becoming Soul conscious, we are now called to consciously take the necessary initiatives that will help us cross the finish line of human evolution which, at the same time, marks the entry into a higher reality and more fulfilling life.

Again, the magic word is initiative.

In 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi we celebrate the magic word. We launch 12 initiatives to expand our consciousness, transform our bodies and advance towards our evolutionary goal.

What you will learn:

  • Understand why we go through fetal and childhood development stages in our evolution, and the truth about genes and our genetic code,

  • Grasp the importance of initiating your own growth through self-initiated effort,

  • Make a decision to respond to the call of the Overlighting Soul and Spirit, and understand why you must make this inevitable decision sooner or later,

  • Realize that we cannot escape our evolutionary goal because we are destined to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness,

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Soul-inspired initiative is the way out of the wheel

The word initiative is one of the most important words on the Spiritual path. A word, by intuitive definition, is a bridge to higher meaning. It is a gateway to expanded consciousness.

In intuitive philosophy there is an idea called initiations.

An initiation is an expansion of consciousness. To become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, we have to expand our consciousness – and we expand our consciousness by taking specific initiatives.

Soul-inspired initiative is the key that unlocks the door to the expansion of our consciousness. Without taking Soul-inspired initiatives we cannot take initiations and expand our consciousness. And if we do not take initiations and expand our consciousness, we cannot become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. And if we do not become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, we cannot take the next step on the ladder of evolution.

Lack of Soul-inspired initiative keeps us stuck in the wheel of rebirth.

Soul-inspired initiative is the way out of the wheel.

An initiative marks a new beginning.

The word initiation comes from the Latin initiare which means to begin.

An initiation is a new beginning. An initiative marks a new beginning.

So: If you are ready to take the initiative to expand your consciousness and initiate a new beginning in your life, please read on because you will LOVE what this consciousness expanding coaching service is all about. 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi deals with 12 new beginnings to take your life to the next level. This comprehensive training reveals 12 consciousness-expanding initiatives to advance towards the next step on the ladder of evolution: Soul consciousness in your brain awareness.

12 initiatives. 12 beginnings. 12 weeks. 1 goal: awakening

In 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi, we will look at 12 carefully selected initiatives: three initiatives that focus more around the physical/etheric body, three initiatives that revolve more around the emotional field and desire nature, three initiatives that address our mind and three initiatives that activate the Soul or Spiritual level.

These 12 initiatives, in all their simplicity and profundity, form the basis of the Spiritual path and it is upon their foundation that we build fulfilling relationships, realize inner peace, create a happy life and reach our evolutionary goal.

This course is exactly what I needed. It gives an excellent structure for daily practice so that you are including all the essential ways of keeping focused on Soul consciousness in your brain awareness. It gives you a very clear understanding of Soul consciousness and the important ways in which you can begin to bring this consciously and consistently into every part of your daily life. You might think, yes I know about some of the practices suggested in this course but the teaching on these is giving us even more than before. There was a surprise with each part of it for me and much new learning – and I have been seriously working on my Spiritual path for over 14 years now. I am so much the richer for taking this course and living it – aiming to get better and better at this each day. I really found the teaching on each initiative enlightening, exciting and deeply interesting. Reading this material and keeping reading and practicing it every day, keeps me focused just where I want and need to be. It nurtures my Soul, moves me deeply and helps me to move forward. As I read and practice daily, I see how the connection with my Overlighting Soul grows and how I understand more clearly and have more power and strength to put God/Love first. You couldn’t find a better course if you seriously want to grow on your Spiritual path – it’s full of love, clear direction, insight and enlightenment. And I don’t think this says enough. Three most significant improvements – more really helpful structure, working more consciously with my Overlighting Soul and thus joy and love, working with the rhythm of the universe and doing meditation at the same time everyday. Thank you Spirit, Gloria, Joshua and Masters of the I AM University from the bottom of my heart. I will practice on and can’t wait for the next course you have for us. – Gillian Riordan, Ireland

Training information: What you will learn

To give you an idea of what this comprehensive training involves, the insights you will gain from 12 Daily Initiatives of the Aspiring Yogi shall help you:

  • Gain the revealing insight that the emotional body cannot control itself,

  • Know how to silence the vibration of your energy fields as a requirement to be able to register the Soul’s vibrations and impact,

  • Awaken to the realization that to grow up Spiritually means to transition from a point of emotional polarization to a place of mental polarization,

  • Understand why we are all inherently creative and why we all have this inner urge to create and produce,

  • Recognize why we are currently unconsciously creative and what we have to do to become consciously creative,

  • Gain the enlightening insight that energy in itself is neutral and that all energy does is follow our thinking,

  • Joyfully appreciate that we are destined to become consciously telepathic but that we have to become mentally polarized first,

  • Come to the beautiful realization that by thinking before we speak we learn to control our mind,

  • Understand the difference between involution and evolution and what it has to do with you reaching your evolutionary goal,