Realize your Deepest Desires

You have a million dreams and desires and don’t know where to start?

You feel stuck in your current situation and don’t know how to get unstuck?

You have relationship problems, health problems, financial problems, self-worth issues etc. and you just don’t know how to go about it all?

Don’t worry, I have got some good news for you!

You just have one problem: You don’t understand life!

Spirit – Matter – Consciousness

Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of the Soul.

The reason why we HAVE bodies even though we ARE not our bodies is because without body (=matter aspect) the Soul (=consciousness aspect) cannot manifest and express itself.

Think of the Soul as a nucleus of pure consciousness around which countless atoms – with the fire of Spirit (=life aspect) at their core – accumulate and circulate, forming what we commonly call body, circumstances and environment.

Your body, your circumstances, your environment are a direct expression of your inner dominant thought life, they are your deepest inner desires and fears pushed outward, in short: your outer life is an exact outpicturing or expression of your inner life and consciousness.

We cannot move within and stand still without

We look at the world around us as being factual, not understanding that these facts are simply effects of a deeper inner cause, not understanding that the cause is the movement of our consciousness. As the Soul moves, the atoms circulating around the nucleus of our Soul rearrange themselves in now-time.

Therefore: We cannot move within and stand still without.

Problem: We have made matter the positive controlling factor in life

Solution: Make Soul the positive controlling factor in life

Going through life unaware of the reality and power of our Soul, we go through life being identified with matter, forming our identity around our bodies, our titles, our circumstances, forming our identity around the outer world rather than the inner reality.

Being identified with matter rather than with our Soul, we have made matter the positive (=active/controlling) factor in life and Soul the negative (=passive/serving) one.

As a consequence we go through life passively, allowing the world around us to induce active vibrations in our bodies, to place thoughts in our minds and desires in our hearts.

In other words: The outer world determines our inner life.

The outer voice has drowned the inner voice.

Yet, our inner voice constantly speaks to us in the form of deep, inner desire.

You must honor your deepest inner desires

Your desires for a more fulfilling, joyful and abundant life are literally the desires of the Divine within you seeking to express themselves, in this way pushing you upwards on the ladder of evolution, upwards in frequency.

The word heaven comes from the Old English heofon meaning home of God. Heaven is just another word for high frequency.

Our deep inner desire to upgrade our life – our relationships, our health, our finances, you name it – is the Divine within us pushing us on from the inside out to align our frequency with the frequency of heaven.

Therefore it is essential for your inner peace and wellbeing that you honor your deepest, loftiest desires! To disown your deepest desires is to disown your Inner Voice which is your inner compass.

The desire to do implies the ability to do

Your desires are real, tangible energies.

A (somewhat superficial) scientific definition of energy is the ability to do work.

That is why it has been said that it is a Spiritual law in nature that the desire to do implies the ability to do. In other words, whatever it is you truly desire to be, to have, to do, the very desire is a guarantee that you can be, have and do whatever it is you truly desire!

Yet to fulfill your deepest desires and turn all your problems (=markers for unevolved potential) into activated potential, you need to reverse the process:

You need to identify with the Soul, thereby making the Soul the positive (=controlling) factor in life and realize matter to be the negative (=serving) factor in life.

This is the way to realize your deepest inner desires.

The way to change your circumstances is to change your level of consciousness

No matter how complicated or hopeless your current situation may look like, you can turn it around in record time by recognizing that YOU are the center of your universe and by realizing that the visible world around you is nothing but the temporary (!) arrangement of the building blocks of matter around the nucleus of your Soul, outpicturing your current level of consciousness.

The way to change your circumstances it to change your level of consciousness.

If you want to take your left to the next level (=up a notch in frequency), sign up for a private one-hour coaching today and I will show you in a very joyful, fun and empowering way how to get on top of life.

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About Gloria

Gloria is the president of the I AM University, an educational platform with focus on Spiritual and psychological development, that was established by the late Dr Joshua David Stone and handed over to her care in 2005, at Dr Stone’s passing.

Having studied Eastern philosophy and Spiritual psychology all of her life and having realized the significance of matter as the Soul’s vehicle for manifestation, at age 40 she decided to go back to college, currently investing her spare time to study Molecular Life Science at Paris Lodron University, Salzburg and Johannes Kepler University, Linz.