Soul Powers! 10 Steps to Awaken your Sleeping Potential into Active Power

We are all on a so-called Spiritual path. The Spiritual path is the path out of matter towards Spirit. This path out of matter towards Spirit we commonly call EVOLUTION. Therefore, by definition, to evolve means to become less matter and more Spirit.

So, we are all progressing on the ladder of evolution, we are all moving towards Spirit, and in order for us to climb the next rung on the evolutionary ladder ahead of us, so to speak, we are called to do something very beautiful as we advance into the 21st century: we are called to externalize and manifest the Soul.

In other words: Our current evolutionary goal as a human family is to advance into a Soul-conscious species. Our current evolutionary goal is to step out of the fourth kingdom, the human kingdom, and advance into the fifth kingdom, the Soul-aware kingdom.

If we open our eyes and look around us we will notice that there are currently four kingdoms evolving on Earth: the mineral kingdom (1), the vegetable kingdom (2), the animal kingdom (3), and the human kingdom (4).

We are birthing a new kingdom

Each kingdom goes through an evolutionary process – and, in essence, the evolutionary goal of each kingdom is to enter the kingdom above it. 

As such, the current evolutionary goal of the human family is to step out of the human kingdom, the fourth kingdom, and advance into the fifth kingdom.

Makes sense, right?

Now, what is the fifth kingdom in nature? Most of humanity have never heard about it? How come?

Great question!

Most people have never heard about it because it has not yet manifested on Earth.

Nevertheless, we, as a human family, even though we may not realize it yet, we are currently in the process of externalizing and birthing this new higher kingdom on Earth.

And this new higher kingdom shall be the fifth kingdom in nature.

The fifth kingdom is a higher species (or evolution) of man: man + Soul  = the Soul-conscious man! And we externalize this new higher kingdom by each one of us manifesting the Soul on Earth.

So, the task ahead of us is to fully externalize and manifest – make visible – the Soul on Earth. And we externalize our Soul – we make our Soul visible – among other things,  by exhibiting the QUALITIES OF THE SOUL in our three personality vehicles: mental body, emotional body, physical body.

Key to manifest the Soul

We literally cannot manifest the Soul without exhibiting the qualities of the Soul in our thinking, feeling and acting life. And why?

Because matter, by definition, is the vehicle for the manifestation of the Soul.

In other words, the reason why we have bodies even though we are not our bodies is because without a body (=matter aspect) the Soul (=consciousness aspect) cannot manifest itself.

What you will learn:

  • Realize that we each are today exactly what we have made ourselves in our earlier development and unfoldment,

  • Understand that up to a certain point evolution happens almost automatically (the forces of evolution have brought us to where we are today) but that we have reached a point in our evolution now where we cannot continue to grow unless the Soul consciously takes part in the evolutionary process,

  • Awaken to the reality that we are destined to begin to live as a Soul and that we cannot realize our destiny without unfolding and developing the characteristics, qualities and powers of the Soul,

  • Internalize that we live in a world of energies and that part of of our current evolutionary goal is learning to consciously wield these energies, to consciously contact them, assimilate them and use them to meet an evolutionary need and master our lives,

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Virtues are evolutionary energies

So, the name of the game is to MANIFEST the Soul in our three personality vehicles: mental, emotional and physical body – thinking, feeling and acting life.

To do that we need to expand our consciousness to include the reality of the Soul AND we need to saturate and penetrate our vehicles with the qualities of the Soul.

Now, these so-called Soul qualities are higher Soul energies that have the power to propel us forward on the arc of evolution.

In colloquial language we call these evolutionary energies virtues.

Virtues are not just empty names on a piece of paper. A virtue, by definition, is a Soul energy and a SOUL POWER that enables us to manifest our Soul here on Earth, in our daily life. A virtue, by definition, is an EVOLUTIONARY ENERGY. Therefore: Virtues help us to evolve.

Begin to live as a Soul

In Soul-Powers! 10 Steps to Awaken your Sleeping Potential into Active Power, you will learn how to awaken these powers of the Soul within you by weaving 10 Spiritual disciplines into your daily activities that enable you to manifest the powers of the Soul and begin to live as a Soul.

Seven reasons why to systematically develop virtues

But WHY, you may ask, why should you strive to manifest the powers of the Soul? How can they help me in a practical way in my daily life?

Here are seven compelling reasons why you should seriously consider to begin working systematically on the unfoldment and development of these Soul powers, or virtues, as they are commonly called.

The Spiritual path is the path towards Spirit. This is the reason why we call it the Spiritual Path and why, in order for us to reach this goal, we have to spiritualize our consciousness and material nature. The closer to Spirit we advance, the higher and finer the frequency. We cannot enter the higher dimensions with a low vibration. Therefore, we have to sublimate our lower nature and raise our vibration. Virtues, being evolutionary energies, enable us to do that. Without unfolding and developing virtues, we literally cannot take the next step in our evolution and evolve into the fifth kingdom in nature. When we are not evolving (moving towards Spirit), we are naturally involving (moving towards matter).

It is our current evolutionary goal to learn to live as a Soul. As we develop the qualities of the Soul, with each virtue we learn to express through our personality vehicles (physical, emotional and mental bodies), the Soul gains more and more control over the personality, and thus eventually we learn to live as a Soul and literally give birth to the Soul. The personality, which is the reflection of the Soul, becomes the Soul in manifestation. And that’s the goal: manifestation of the Soul in our thinking, feeling and acting life – and again, virtues enable us to realize this goal.

Undeveloped virtues are unrealized potentials, and these unrealized potentials will be lacking in us and will make it more difficult for us to meet certain needs and master certain situations in the course of our lives. However, once we systematically develop virtues, they are no longer just potentials, they turn into powers that we can actively use. So, it is not just a noble thing to develop virtues; developing virtues enables us – in a very practical way – to meet the needs of our daily life; virtues enables us to master life.

All of life is governed by laws. One such law is the law of karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Whatever we sow, we shall reap. Whatever we radiate, we attract. As such, the law of karma is a learning device. It confronts us with our own radiation and thereby helps us to correct separative tendencies etc. which otherwise we may be blind to. Now, when we deliberately and systematically transmute the involutionary forces in our aura – and that‘s really what so-called bad karma is: an involutionary force in our aura – by changing the involutionary force into an evolutionary energy, we resolve the issue before we meet it. We transmute our karma before we meet it. In other words: when we decide to develop virtues, we literally spare ourselves many accidents, health lessons and problems because virtues eradicate involutionary forces in our nature which – sooner or later – would otherwise magnetically attract situations into our life which are not fun and joyful.

Virtues, being Soul energies, put us in touch with the higher dimensions. As we deliberately strive to get in touch with these higher subtler dimensions while in incarnation, it will naturally be very easy for us to access these higher dimensions when it is time for us to go. Why? Because we are already rightly attuned. When our aura is full of evolutionary energies (virtues), then these evolutionary energies will magnetically pull us up into the higher dimensions. So by the law of attraction, vices (being involutionary forces) magnetically pull us down into the lower planes whereas virtues (being evolutionary energies) magnetically lift us up and out of the lower planes into the finer dimensions of reality. In other words: Dying will become easy because we are already aspiring upwards on the evolutionary ladder while in incarnation and will naturally continue to do so when we let go of the limitations of the dense body.

According to Djwhal Khul, all disease is the result of inhibited Soul life. Virtues are Soul energies. When we set out to systematically develop virtues and actualize them in our thinking, feeling and acting life, we allow the Soul to express itself without inhibition – and when the Soul can manifest itself without inhibition, health is the natural result. Vices inhibit the Soul life, virtues enable it. Therefore, vices make us sick and virtues make us healthy. As the energies of the Soul flow into our personality vehicles, they break up crystallizations and cause wholeness (healing). They pour down from our higher Soul nature into our etheric plane; then they pass via the Chakras (force centers in our etheric vehicle) to the ductless glands and are thereby released into our blood. In this way, virtues create the necessary elements and chemicals in our bloodstream and physical body. So, virtues are not just empty names on a piece of paper. A virtue, by definition, is literally a chemical substance. Virtues literally change the very chemistry in our body.

The more virtues we build into our nature, the more we will be able to meet the needs of daily life and thus master our life. So with each virtue that we build into our character and actualize in our daily life, our self-confidence grows. Virtues give us self-confidence because virtues make us stronger, more capable and more useful.

These are just seven out of countless reasons why it is a noble endeavor to delibera