Hello and Welcome to Total Enlightenment Coaching by I AM University

We are living in the most amazing time in Earth’s recent history. Now, if you take a moment and think about it, what is history?

History, in essence, is the story of the evolution of consciousness. With each age that we, as a human family, passed through, we kept expanding and evolving our consciousness until we would reach a point in our evolution where entrance into a heightened state of consciousness could become a reality for us.

Now, what is so exciting about this day and age that we are living through right now is that this poignant evolutionary moment of being presented with an opportunity that should grand us entrance into an elevated state of consciousness has finally come.

The 21st century shall be remembered as an age of global awakening to Soul consciousness. In other words:

This century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul.

We, as a human family, have an evolutionary goal, and that goal for us right now, at the dawning of the Age of the Soul, is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, and as conscious Souls in incarnation to become consciously creative (rather than being unconsciously creative as is the case right now).

And as we learn to become consciously creative and awaken to Soul consciousness and reach the evolutionary goal of our current time, we literally – not figuratively – but literally anchor a whole new kingdom on Earth: The Kingdom of Awakened Souls.

While the mark of the human kingdom or family is that man is self-aware and conscious of self, the mark of the Spiritual kingdom or Kingdom of Awakened Souls is that the man in incarnation is Soul conscious and Soul identified.

Essentially, that’s what’s “new” about the so-called New Age.

We are awakening from our collective slumber of identification with the body and the logical conclusion of a belief in death to the reality of the eternity of the everlasting Soul and the logical conclusion of a greater divine purpose and eternal plan.

And as we collectively awaken to Soul consciousness in our brain awareness, we – together as a human family – not only externalize a whole new kingdom on Earth but we co-launch and initiate the Age of the Soul.

In many ways, the unrest and turmoil we see all over the world is but a herald of the approaching Age of the Soul. As the heightened energies of the Soul flood the consciousness of the people of the Earth, old energies, structures and thought forms that have served their purpose in the past are brought to the light to be cleared so a new world and enlightened civilization may be erected upon the foundation of Soul consciousness.

We are collectively birthing the Age of the Soul and Total Enlightenment Coaching by I AM University was created to raise awareness for the evolutionary goal of Soul consciousness in our brain awareness ahead of us as well as to offer loving support for this exciting stage in human evolution.

Now, in essence, we become Soul conscious and reach our evolutionary goal by taking seven major steps which may outlined in the following way:

  • WILL: Focus the power of your will into the conscious intent to serve Divine Purpose.

  • LOVE: Transcend the illusion of fear and return your mind to the truth of Love.

  • SERVICE: Engage in a planned service activity to help manifest the Divine Plan for Earth.

  • TRANSMUTATION: Transmute the baser nature of the personality into the higher nature of the Soul.

  • KNOWLEDGE: Learn to translate abstract Soul wisdom into concrete knowledge applicable to life on Earth.

  • IDEALISM: Exchange the separative ideals of the personality for the divine ideals of the Soul.

  • INITIATIVE: Initiate Spiritual growth through self-imposed discipline and reach your evolutionary goal.

In essence, the Seven Rays represent our ideal of perfection.

These seven major steps represent the core lessons of the Seven Rays.

The Seven Rays are seven universal laws and energies that act as seven divine impulses that further the evolution of all consciousness.

History is not only the story of the evolution of consciousness, history as we know it is also the working out of these seven divine laws that serve as the greater impulses underlying what we recognize as mass movements and events in the world.

And on a smaller scale, they are the energies which we as individuals work with to build our character and personalities, and which we as awakening Souls seek to consciously develop as we strive to fulfill our core function of being creative.

So these seven steps represent seven core lessons of the Spiritual path that every Soul in incarnation has to pass to awaken to Soul consciousness.

As the Age of the Soul keeps unfolding and as we as a human family become more and more Soul conscious, the reality of the Seven Rays and the foundational role they play in the unfoldment of our consciousness shall become common knowledge all the world over.

To help create awareness for the existence and significance of the Seven Rays and the greater ideal, we will be breaking up the training that we offer on this platform into seven major categories, based on the Seven Rays. In this way, we seek to provide a total, all-inclusive, systematic training and education for the awakening Soul. Hence the name: Total Enlightenment Coaching.

To give you an idea of topics we intend to cover on this coaching platform, please review the following overview:

Seven Rays Topics

Self-Empowerment, Self-Mastery
Science of Initiation, Self-Initiated Effort
Law of Service, Active Intelligence
History of Humanity (Root Races, Atlantis)
Energy, Force, Substance
Role Models and Pioneers
Esoteric Laws, Chaos and Order
Divine Will, Divine Purpose, Divine Plan
Education in the Age of the Soul
Spirit, Matter, Consciousness
World Problem Glamour
Concentration, Medit., Contempl.